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CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabis compound that can be used to relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation, calm stomach pain and nausea, protect nerves, slow bacterial growth, help the circulatory system, and even improve Parkinson’s symptoms. Our store has a variety of products such as hemp oil tinctures, topical creams and lotions, gummy candies, and smokable hemp flower.

Quit Smoking Start Vaping

Long term and short term effects of smoking tobacco are well known and include lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema. Many doctors have begun to recommend vaping as an alternative to smoking that can lead to quitting. The average pack-a-day smoker spends.
$2400 per year and vaping can drastically reduce that costs, and studies show it is 95% less harmful.

Vaping Products

Vape products come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, strengths, and flavors. Vaping is easy to customize and find the right fit for you based on your needs. Let us help you find your perfect vaping set up. We have the mods, pens, and tanks you need to get the most out of your e-liquid.
I come here almost every two weeks to pick up some vape juice. They even started carrying my nicotine level after my second time visiting. The staff there is really informed in products and everything is neatly organized. Definitely not overwhelming like other vape shops and they have plenty of variety.
Z. Kick
This place has everything you need to vape, and more. Very kind and helpful staff and a nice environment to be in. I recommend this store over any in the area.
Anthony Wagner
I personally come here for their CBD products. I've tried their products by brands like Hemp Me and Hemp Lucid. I've also given my dog some CBD products to calm his nerves and had great success. But for me, I prefer the CBD hemp flower and the Hemp Me Hemp Repair Rx cream for pain relief.
Jon S.


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CBD is a compound from cannabis that helps with a variety of different ailments such as muscle/joint pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness.


We carry Hemp Lucid and Hemp Me tinctures in strengths from 50 to 1000 mg.

CBD for Pets

​Pets love our Pet Help dog treats, cat treats, sprays, and tinctures.

CBD for Pain

Our most popular products for pain are topical cream, gummies, tinctures, and hemp flower.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp Oil

Whole plant, full-spectrum: Hemp oil is oil from the whole hemp plant and includes the full range of cannabinoids. More than just CBD, whole plant oil contains CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBCA, D9-THCA, D9-THC, D8-THC, and THCV. We sell tinctures, but also smokable hemp flower if you really want to get the whole plant.

THC Content

 The FDA’s current regulations only allow hemp and CBD products that contain less than 0.3% D9-THC, the part of cannabis that gets you high. Check the laws of any states you want to go to so you don’t bring CBD if it’s illegal there.

Why Full-Spectrum

 The FDA’s current regulations only allow hemp and CBD products that contain less than 0.3% D9-THC, the part of cannabis that gets you high. Check the laws of any states you want to go to so you don’t bring CBD if it’s illegal there.


What is CBD Isolate?

Isolate contains only the CBD itself, but don’t worry. It still has the most desirable effects of the plant, even if it doesn’t work as broadly in the body. You can take isolate in a variety of ways. Tinctures, gummies, creams, and even massage oils.

CBD Isolate Benefits and Effects

Cannabidiol (CBD) has the same benefits as a full-spectrum hemp oil, but doesn’t contain compounds like D9-THC and THCA. If you have more questions, please contact us for all the heavy sciencey stuff.

CBD Isolate Advantages

Because it is isolated down to just the CBD, you can get things like concentrates, gummy candies, lollipops, and even e-liquid for a vape pen or mod, many of which we carry.

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Vaping is using an electronic device like a vape pen, tank mod, or a pod system vaporizer like JUUL or Lost Vape’s Orion to vaporize and inhale flavored e-liquid that can contain nicotine. A heating element or atomizer heats the e-liquid (or e-juice) and the user draws in the vapor. The vapor can be puffed or inhaled. Technically, the vaporizer creates an aerosol from the e-juice, but this can sound misleading. An aerosol is any suspension of fine particles in a gas. Fog and mist are examples of natural aerosols.

Yes, but it is not entirely risk-free and the long-term health effects are still being studied. Public Health England’s 2018 report on vaping found that it is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. However, recently a connection has been made between vaping oils with vitamin e acetate and serious lung disease. The flavoring additives vanillin and cinnamaldehyde are noticeably harmful to cellular health and regeneration.

E-juice is made of a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and polyethylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavoring. Vegetable glycerin and polyethylene glycol are “generally recognized as safe” the US FDA. The flavorings for e-juice are food-grade, meaning they are safe to ingest. Many juices use a blend of 70% VG to 30% PG. VG is what produces the largest clouds of vapor and juice companies like Fuggin and Pinup have juices with 80% VG. PG produces less vapor and a harder throat hit but it is also what holds the flavor in the juice.

Now, this is important. While vaping still poses less risk than smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco, there are health risks, but we still advocate vaping as a replacement for cigarettes. Additives like vanillin and cinnamaldehyde, even at very low amounts, have been found to be toxic, but what is more important is that while it appears the effects on the body caused by nicotine are present whether a person is using an e-cigarette or smoking a traditional cigarettes, vaping does not produce the same horde of carcinogenic byproducts of smoking tobacco. Furthermore, it is unlikely that enough vapor would fill the lungs with anywhere near as much residue. You can test this yourself by breathing out smoke, then vapor, into different pieces of paper towel. Just one puff of a cigarette leaves a brown stain, but the only way it seems you could stain the paper towel when exhaling vapor is if you had something, say chocolate, stuck to your lips. 

“Popcorn lung,” clinically known as bronchiolitis obliterans and it can be caused by breathing in harsh chemicals like chlorine get it after a bad case of pneumonia or bronchitis. Bronchiolitis obliterans is a sever inflammation of the bronchioles, the tubes in the lungs that transfer air to the alveoli, the little sacs where oxygen is absorbed into the blood stream. When these become inflamed, they can chafe against each other causing scar tissue to build up and further obstruct the flow of air into and out of the lungs. The additive diacetyl, used for its buttery flavor, was responsible for the lung disease in microwave popcorn factory workers, and it is not used by many e-liquid companies in the United States and the additive has been banned in Europe. If notice you are having a persistent dry cough and difficulty breathing and not just the cough that can happen with harsher vape fluids or a good throat hit, talk to your doctor. 


There are several kinds of vapes you could use, but the four kinds of vaporizer you will usually see are cigalikes, vape pens, mods, and pod mods. A vape is essentially a battery with an atomizer that heats up that vaporizes the e-juice. The “gas station variety” of vapes isn’t usually adjustable. Vapes can have single-use or refillable cartridges (also called pods) or refillable tanks made of glass. A JUUL or similar product uses a disposable cartridge that can be refilled with a bit of finesse and patience. Systems like SMOK’s Nord use refillable pods. However, even the refillable pods must be replaced; the pod includes the atomizer which will wear out with use.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a cannabinoid compound found in cannabis and hemp. CBD does not have psychoactive effects like THC but is responsible for many of marijuana’s health benefits like reducing inflammation, nausea, and pain. CBD binds to the same neuroreceptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) as the body’s own endocannabinoids do.

While research has shown that CBD has a whole host of health benefits, we are still learning more, but the trend of research shows that the same common-sense beliefs we have had about marijuana’s medicinal properties are true for CBD and other cannabinoid compounds. CBD has been proven to help with conditions like Parkinson’s and other diseases that affect neurological functioning. However, before beginning to take CBD regularly or in place of other medications, talk to your doctors to ensure it won’t negatively interact with any medications or conditions you might have. 

CBD can be extracted from hemp as well as cannabis. CBD products come in two kinds: full-spectrum and isolated. Isolated only contains CBD. Full-spectrum products are called that because they have the “full spectrum” of cannabinoid compounds found in hemp and cannabis. You can get CBD in many forms, including gummy candies, tinctures, creams, vape liquids, and even transdermal patches. They now sell CBD flower that can be smoked as well, and it looks and smells a bit like regular marijuana but doesn’t affect the mind.

Kratom is a plant that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to relieve pain and fatigue. The plant has also been used to relieve opiate and opioid withdrawal. Some other names for kratom you might see are ketum, kakuam, thom, biak, and ithang.

No. It is actually a relative of coffee. The effects of larger doses are similar to opioids, but smaller doses seem to have a more stimulating effect. Kratom works on the opioid receptors in the brain, but the withdrawal effects are shorter and less severe.

Kratom can relieve withdrawal symptoms from drugs like heroin and oxycodone, but there are other benefits. It can relieve anxiety, depression, fatigue, and pain. Kratom can relieve anxiety but without the emotional deadening that comes with many prescription anxiety medications. One key benefit is that users have been able to stop using opiates and opioids by switching to kratom, and some have afterwards been able to stop using kratom as well.

Lower dosages, when used short-term (less than three times a week or for less than several months) can improve mood and fight fatigue. Higher dosages of kratom tend to reduce anxiety and the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. 

There can be and that depends on how frequently it is taken and whether or not you are taking other drugs at the same time. Daily users face a higher risk of becoming dependent but the withdrawal symptoms are milder and do not last as long as the withdrawal from opiates and opioids. Withdrawal effects can include nausea, constipation, achiness, etc.

It is unclear, but there is evidence that suggests that kratom can negatively interact with psychiatric medications and other drugs. You should always consult with your doctor before taking a supplement or drug. 

This depends on why you are using kratom. If you are taking to relieve withdrawal symptoms and/or wean yourself off painkillers, 5g was the reported minimum effective dosage. Lower doses can still reduce anxiety and pain, but they can also help sociability without impairing your ability to function. Furthermore, the strain of kratom and where it was grown determine which effects it will have.

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